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We run a social club for expatriates living in Sydney – a perfect way to make lots of new friends! 

There are no joining fees and no fees to attend events, unless of course we go horse-racing, to the theatre or to any other ticketed event!

Events are posted at least twice a month and we get involved in a variety of events including pub nights, comedy club, indoor wall climbing, day trips e.g. to the Blue Mountains, meals, nightclubs, trivia nights, IMAX cinema, Salsa dancing, pool competitions, cockroach racing(!), bush-walking… you name it, we’ll organise it!

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Do expat assignments lead to promotion?

New research points out that 35% of expatriates believe that an overseas assignment will result in a faster promotion – all that new international experience surely differentiates you from most of your peers.

But what’s the reality?

From my experience, working closely with organisations and individuals alike, promotion doesn’t necessarily follow despite the expectations of the individual. Many expats who either stay on location or return home find that nothing much changes at all.

So what can be done? Make sure you discuss your expectations with your manager and HR at least 6 months prior to your overseas contract ending. Give them time to plan for your return and ensure your own priorities have been heard. It may or may not result in promotion but it certainly will help you set realistic expectations upon re-entry.

We’d welcome your views, comments or feedback on this, so get posting!

Feeling low?

It’s really simple. You need to sit down and spend some quality time with yourself.

Ask yourself two really simple questions:

“What are my priorities right now?” – make a list of everything that’s important to you.

Once you’ve got a list ask,

“How are these priorities being met?”

If they aren’t being met, you have a challenge on your hands. It’s up to you to work out what needs to happen, and possibly what sort of person you need to become, to ensure those priorities are met.

How often do you spend an hour, or even 10 minutes, in a week thinking about you, what your priorities are and how you want your life to be?

Get in touch if you need some clarity in your life.

Expat women


We just love Expatwomen – Andrea makes such a massive effort to provide up-to-date and interesting article contributions and advice to women living and working overseas.

Anyone else got any comments on this site?

Quote of the day

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

How hard are you pushing to get what you want?

We recently met with some friends of ours who have a little girl called Sally. She’s 12 months old. Other than eating, sleeping and dreaming she spends a lot of her energy learning – at the moment, she is completely focused on learning how to walk. She has no self-doubt (that won’t develop for a few years yet) and as she can see people walking all around her, she knows she can too – if she tries hard enough.


So she gets up and topples over numerous times a day. But she’s getting better. And we all know that she will do it. All she needs is persistence.


That ability to commit ourselves to get what we want is in all of us. But over time, we have learnt how to doubt ourselves and that ‘giving up’ is an option.

Michael Phelps, who won 8 gold medals and broke 5 world records at the Beijing Olympics Games, has been in training since he was a child. He has been focused on winning those gold medals every hour of every day. He eats to be a champion swimmer, he builds his muscles to be a champion swimmer, he works on his technique to be a champion swimmer and he swims and swims all day and every day to be a champion swimmer.

You might think that Phelps is an extreme example. In reality, his mindset is exactly the same as Sally’s: to achieve what you want requires clear goals, focus and 100% commitment.

How committed have you been to your goals lately? How easily have you given up? At the first hurdle? Maybe the third?


As a coach I always ask two questions, “What will achieving this goal get you?” and “How much is achieving this goal worth to you?” If what it will get you is worth a great deal, then quite obviously it’s worth the effort.


But you needn’t challenge yourself alone. With an excellent coach beside you, you’ll have all the support, encouragement and inspiration you’ll need to push yourself forwards and challenge yourself to overcome the mental or practical obstacles you might see in your way.


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