Simple but true

Jason Bay doing his thing

Jason Bay doing his thing

“The only way we’re going to improve is if we actually go and get better.” – Jason Bay, Pittsburgh Pirates ( that’s an American┬ábaseball team…)

Hmmmm…. poignant thought.

I have to say I agree with Jason. Simple but, oh… so very true.

What if we just tried to be 5% better in every aspect of our lives?

How would your life be different?

What could you do if you were 5% more effective at work? In how you communicated with others? Or, dare I say it, in how you performed in the bedroom?

How might your life improve? And how might others’ lives improve??

I’m setting us all a challenge.

To follow Jason in his quest for betterment and to go out there and be 5% better. At everything.

Simple… but effective.