Food? Feel More Satisfied Faster!

A lot of chocolate ain't all that great... seriously

Want satisfaction? The trick, I have learnt, is ‘mindfulness’.

 How often have you scoffed your chocolate right down?

In the blink of an eye it’s all gone… all that remains is the sound of you smacking your lips.

Satisfying? Perhaps.

I know that I can do this, especially if I’m watching TV or talking with someone else at the time.

I met a fascinating woman recently, Pam Northcote, who taught me a trick in ‘mindfulness’… and here it is!

Get a square of chocolate from a brand that you really, really love… (if chocolate really isn’t your thing then use something else instead… so long as it’s yummy). Look at your chocolate (or stick of celery, if it’s celery that floats your boat) with love in your eyes. Tell yourself that this is the last remaining piece of chocolate left in the world… and you have it.

You’re going to want to savour this experience; never again will the taste of chocolate cross your lips. You might want to smell it first. Inhale deeply. Allow the rich cocoa aromas to waft through your body. You may want to gently lick the surface of the chocolate, as if devouring it sliver by sliver. Perhaps you nibble one corner…

As you sloooowly ingest your single square of chocolate, allow its texture and flavour to alert all your senses. Every millimetre of your mouth should be savouring the delight that makes this square of chocolate the triumph that it is.

Having experienced this ‘chocolate meditation’ myself I was amazed how much more I enjoyed the chocolate (and even more surprised perhaps that you could enjoy ‘Green and Black’s’ any more than I did already). I also felt extremely satisfied.

Try it. I dare you. It’s absolutely heavenly….



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