Suffering from Presenteeism? Get a job you ENJOY!

There are countless studies that demonstrate how much ‘presenteeism’ costs business.

“What IS ‘presenteeism’?” I hear you ask. If you are at work but spend a lot of time scrolling through facebook; chit-chatting about American Idol; or staring blankly at your computer screen then you are physically ‘present’ but not mentally so.

We can all ‘do mindlessness’ from time to time but this lack of engagement doesn’t just cost companies – you lose out too.

When I used to work in the corporate world, I certainly welcomed doses of ‘presenteeism’ to give me some respite from my daily tasks. I have since realised that the reason, certainly for my own ‘mindlessness’ at the time, was the lack of fulfilment my job gave me.

Now, as my work involves either helping clients to achieve their goals or developing my own business, my passion and enthusiasm ooze out of every pore. There is no need for respite, there is no need for ‘a breather’… by finding my purpose, I have fulfilment and as a consequence, enjoy a conscious mindFULness in all that I do.

If you find yourself spending far too much time pushing your pencil around your desk; find excuses to avoid going to work; are dashing off for too many cigarette breaks; or making extra chocolate runs for your workmates, I’d ask yourself this one simple question:

Is it ACCEPTABLE that I am ALLOWING my time to be spent this way?

If it is, that’s fine. Only you can choose to make a change if you want it.

If it isn’t ok and you want to fill your time with projects, tasks and opportunities that excite you, thrill you, make you want to jump out of bed in the morning, and feel completely absorbed and passionate about what you do… then how about booking an Introductory Coaching session with me to explore who you really are and what you really want to do for a living.

You spend a third of your life at work – wouldn’t it be wonderful if that time gave you much greater fulfilment and you looked forward to each and every instalment?

Chat to me today to find out how.



Do expat assignments lead to promotion?

New research points out that 35% of expatriates believe that an overseas assignment will result in a faster promotion – all that new international experience surely differentiates you from most of your peers.

But what’s the reality?

From my experience, working closely with organisations and individuals alike, promotion doesn’t necessarily follow despite the expectations of the individual. Many expats who either stay on location or return home find that nothing much changes at all.

So what can be done? Make sure you discuss your expectations with your manager and HR at least 6 months prior to your overseas contract ending. Give them time to plan for your return and ensure your own priorities have been heard. It may or may not result in promotion but it certainly will help you set realistic expectations upon re-entry.

We’d welcome your views, comments or feedback on this, so get posting!