Leapfrog the Barriers to your Success!

In truth, there are many perceived barriers to success: fear; procrastination; perfectionism (in some cases); needing absolute certainty; lack of time; the list goes on…

If there’s one thing to take with you into 2010, it is this… These barriers are mere perceptions – they are created and exist in the mind… most notably, YOUR mind.

And if YOU created them, then YOU also have the power to dissolve them if you choose to.

Think of the Nike slogan, “Just do it!”

 To be successful and to achieve fulfillment, we all need to ‘just do it’!

– Take a first step into new territory and see where it takes you.

– Seize control of your life’s path and open your eyes to the possibilities waiting for you.

– Make the first move, rather than waiting to be prompted.

– Try new things on for size just for fun.

You’ll be amazed how much more productive you become; how your relationships blossom; how your self-belief flourishes; and how you enjoy your life all that much more when you are pro-active about going after what you want.

Taking that first step out of what feels comfortable and into your ‘learning zone’ is a great recipe for success.



Simple but true

Jason Bay doing his thing

Jason Bay doing his thing

“The only way we’re going to improve is if we actually go and get better.” – Jason Bay, Pittsburgh Pirates ( that’s an American baseball team…)

Hmmmm…. poignant thought.

I have to say I agree with Jason. Simple but, oh… so very true.

What if we just tried to be 5% better in every aspect of our lives?

How would your life be different?

What could you do if you were 5% more effective at work? In how you communicated with others? Or, dare I say it, in how you performed in the bedroom?

How might your life improve? And how might others’ lives improve??

I’m setting us all a challenge.

To follow Jason in his quest for betterment and to go out there and be 5% better. At everything.

Simple… but effective.


Shark attack! And yet they still surf…

I was having a bit of a ponder when I went for my run on Bondi Beach this morning.

As I looked across the water, at the salt and pepper smattering of surfers sitting on their boards waiting for the perfect wave to emerge, I couldn’t help but think of the spate of shark attacks Bondi Beach has recently witnessed. 

Bondis attacks werent actually Great Whites... but this picture is pretty amazing...

Bondi's attacks weren't actually Great Whites... but you have to agree, this picture is pretty amazing...

Given the knowledge that the water’s warm enough for sharks at the moment, I thought that perhaps it was pretty silly for the surfers to be risking their lives – or maybe limbs – for the sake of a wave.

But then I came to think – well maybe it’s the wrong time of day for sharks to be so far inland and maybe there aren’t enough small fish around to tempt them in.

Regardless of whether either those assumptions were true, I really liked the fact that although the surfers weren’t certain sharks weren’t around, they were still sitting with their legs dangling into the depths below.

They were surfing because they love it. Because they’re passionate. Because they’re committed.

‘Certainty’ is linked to lots of important values, such as ‘security’ and ‘safety’.

But isn’t it also a bit of a bind?

Many people need to be certain before they will ‘jump’. They need to know all the answers before they are prepared to ‘go for it’ – whatever ‘it’ may be.

But I think there is a lesson here.

To get things done more quickly and to spend much more time doing all the things we love might mean pushing ‘certainty’ down a rung or two.

How about a challenge? The next time you stop and question whether you know enough yet to do something, actively push that lack of certainty back. Remind yourself of what you want, focus on the end result and go for it.

But if you’re considering surfing in Bondi, you might want to wear a metal wetsuit …


Feeling low?

It’s really simple. You need to sit down and spend some quality time with yourself.

Ask yourself two really simple questions:

“What are my priorities right now?” – make a list of everything that’s important to you.

Once you’ve got a list ask,

“How are these priorities being met?”

If they aren’t being met, you have a challenge on your hands. It’s up to you to work out what needs to happen, and possibly what sort of person you need to become, to ensure those priorities are met.

How often do you spend an hour, or even 10 minutes, in a week thinking about you, what your priorities are and how you want your life to be?

Get in touch if you need some clarity in your life.

How hard are you pushing to get what you want?

We recently met with some friends of ours who have a little girl called Sally. She’s 12 months old. Other than eating, sleeping and dreaming she spends a lot of her energy learning – at the moment, she is completely focused on learning how to walk. She has no self-doubt (that won’t develop for a few years yet) and as she can see people walking all around her, she knows she can too – if she tries hard enough.


So she gets up and topples over numerous times a day. But she’s getting better. And we all know that she will do it. All she needs is persistence.


That ability to commit ourselves to get what we want is in all of us. But over time, we have learnt how to doubt ourselves and that ‘giving up’ is an option.

Michael Phelps, who won 8 gold medals and broke 5 world records at the Beijing Olympics Games, has been in training since he was a child. He has been focused on winning those gold medals every hour of every day. He eats to be a champion swimmer, he builds his muscles to be a champion swimmer, he works on his technique to be a champion swimmer and he swims and swims all day and every day to be a champion swimmer.

You might think that Phelps is an extreme example. In reality, his mindset is exactly the same as Sally’s: to achieve what you want requires clear goals, focus and 100% commitment.

How committed have you been to your goals lately? How easily have you given up? At the first hurdle? Maybe the third?


As a coach I always ask two questions, “What will achieving this goal get you?” and “How much is achieving this goal worth to you?” If what it will get you is worth a great deal, then quite obviously it’s worth the effort.


But you needn’t challenge yourself alone. With an excellent coach beside you, you’ll have all the support, encouragement and inspiration you’ll need to push yourself forwards and challenge yourself to overcome the mental or practical obstacles you might see in your way.


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