Simple but true

Jason Bay doing his thing

Jason Bay doing his thing

“The only way we’re going to improve is if we actually go and get better.” – Jason Bay, Pittsburgh Pirates ( that’s an American baseball team…)

Hmmmm…. poignant thought.

I have to say I agree with Jason. Simple but, oh… so very true.

What if we just tried to be 5% better in every aspect of our lives?

How would your life be different?

What could you do if you were 5% more effective at work? In how you communicated with others? Or, dare I say it, in how you performed in the bedroom?

How might your life improve? And how might others’ lives improve??

I’m setting us all a challenge.

To follow Jason in his quest for betterment and to go out there and be 5% better. At everything.

Simple… but effective.



Life in the fast lane – a remedy!


They say you learn something new every day…

David Giles

David Giles

Today I had a fascinating meeting with a chap called David Giles, the principal teacher of vedic meditation, at his beautiful  centre in Double Bay, Sydney.

David is extremely passionate about vedic meditation and it’s little wonder: its benefits include stress and anxiety reduction; improved personal productivity; and solving sleep deprivation issues… to name but a few. 

A bit of a no-brainer really…

One thing that really grabbed me was our discussion about ‘effort’.

In modern life it’s all too easy for people to get so bogged down that they struggle to see passed their noses. To create change in our lives takes effort and that is precisely the barrier that prevents many people from going for it and enjoying better results.

Meditation, like coaching, takes some effort on the part of the client. Well, 40 minutes of reflection a day to be precise.

But in reality that 40 minutes a day gets you much the same benefit as coaching: you are forging a new way of life for yourself a new way of being….

That has to be worth that effort!

When I got home I dabbled a little on t’internet to find out more and came across a quote, from the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, that sat very well with me:

“Attend to your own inner health and happiness. Happiness radiates like the fragrance of a flower and draws all good things towards you.”

Putting your mental and spiritual health first is by no means a new philosophy, but it is one we should attend to more consciously.

Hmmm, I actually learnt a few things today…


How profound…


I came across this quote today:

“If you work just for the money, you’ll never make it…

 …But if you love what you’re doing, success will be yours.”

Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, said that.

Perhaps this was the inspiration for McDonald’s slogan, “I’m loving it.”

Now I doubt that many of the people who work in McDonald’s flipping burgers are either passionate or ‘loving it’ when they, well, flip burgers…  but from a pure ‘success’ perspective I’d have to agree with Ray.

No-one can deny that the glorious Golden Arches of McDonald’s represent a phenomenal success story. McDonald’s was only established in 1955 and now serves 60 million customers daily and boasts whopping annual revenues of US$25 billion.

Ray’s philosophy obviously counts for something… but Rays point, of course, is all about our definition of ‘success’.

How about making a couple of nips and tucks to Ray’s quote?

“If you’re chasing the dollar that’s all you may ever get. But if you love what you do…

Not only will you enjoy deep satisfaction, you’ll probably get the dollar too.”

It even rhymes. Nice.


Quote of the day

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Eleanor Roosevelt