Talking? That’s not enough…

Rebecca Wells at ACS

Rebecca Wells at ACS

Last night I gave a presentation for 120 members of ACS (The Australian Computer Society).

The theme? Effective communication.

In reality ‘effective communication’ means one thing… and one thing alone. And that is this little gem: your communication is only ever as effective as the meaning that your listener takes out.

The brain is bombarded with other 2 million bits of information a second. I’m sure you would agree; that’s quite a lot of ‘stuff’!

Obviously the brain can not cope with this volume and so must filter what it experiences. In truth, your brain can only actually absorb 134 bits a second, which occurs as it deletes and generalises the majority of information.

Whether you are communicating with your partner or someone at work this means that to be an effective communicator, where your listener takes out the 134 bits you WANT them to, requires you to take responsibility for your communication.

It is up to YOU to ensure your meaning is clear.

It is up to YOU to adjust what you have said to make it so.

It is up to YOU to ask your client if they have any questions.

It is up to YOU…

We run workshops as well as 1-1 sessions on this topic – so do get in touch if you want to learn more!



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