We solve problems

We solve problems


At Clear Horizon Coaching we will help you to discover new solutions by viewing your challenges from fresh perspectives.

By tapping into your inner resourcefulness you will create options; find clarity, direction and focus; build confidence and self-belief; and emerge with  exceptional personal success and fulfilment.

The solutions we help clients to find:


Clarity: if you feel ‘stuck in a rut’; have ‘hit a wall’; or are simply unclear as to where to go next, coaching will arm you with greater direction and certainty.


Time: you might struggle with time management; take work home with you; or suffer with stress. We will help you attain the time and freedom to spend where you like.


Confidence: if you find it hard to say ‘no’ to others; believe you’re ‘not good or skilled enough’ to venture outside of your comfort zones, coaching will support you to change those limiting beliefs and find the inner belief to put yourself first and become who you wish to be.


Fruitful relationships: if a relationship, whether at home or work, is causing some distress, coaching will help raise awareness of your respective viewpoints; improve communuication; and establish win-win solutions.


Career success: plan short, medium and long-term career goals to plot the career path you aspire to; and develop core ‘soft’ skills competencies including communication, time and project management.


Career change: feeling undervalued at work or yearning for a new challenge? With coaching you will explode your options; and find a career aligned with your values, interests and passions. 


Leadership: discover your own style of leadership that is congruent with who you are; build the confidence to lead others and earn their loyalty; inspire, take responsibility and lead from the front.


Productivity: change bad habits including blame, procrastination and poor organisation to get more done!


Presentation skills: if the mere thought of speaking infront of others makes you feel sick, engage a coach to overcome your fears and learn techniques to communicate with flair!


Wealth: build financial plans to secure the future you have always wanted.


Cross-cultural success: we have a specialty in cross-cultural coaching helping clients working in multi- cultural environments, or with people overseas, to build stronger, more effective relationships.


Happy expatriation: moving abroad can be unsettling: it takes time to adjust and relationships are put under pressure. We can help you build confidence, new networks and plans to settle more rapidly.


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