Leapfrog the Barriers to your Success!

In truth, there are many perceived barriers to success: fear; procrastination; perfectionism (in some cases); needing absolute certainty; lack of time; the list goes on…

If there’s one thing to take with you into 2010, it is this… These barriers are mere perceptions – they are created and exist in the mind… most notably, YOUR mind.

And if YOU created them, then YOU also have the power to dissolve them if you choose to.

Think of the Nike slogan, “Just do it!”

 To be successful and to achieve fulfillment, we all need to ‘just do it’!

– Take a first step into new territory and see where it takes you.

– Seize control of your life’s path and open your eyes to the possibilities waiting for you.

– Make the first move, rather than waiting to be prompted.

– Try new things on for size just for fun.

You’ll be amazed how much more productive you become; how your relationships blossom; how your self-belief flourishes; and how you enjoy your life all that much more when you are pro-active about going after what you want.

Taking that first step out of what feels comfortable and into your ‘learning zone’ is a great recipe for success.



How profound…


I came across this quote today:

“If you work just for the money, you’ll never make it…

 …But if you love what you’re doing, success will be yours.”

Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, said that.

Perhaps this was the inspiration for McDonald’s slogan, “I’m loving it.”

Now I doubt that many of the people who work in McDonald’s flipping burgers are either passionate or ‘loving it’ when they, well, flip burgers…  but from a pure ‘success’ perspective I’d have to agree with Ray.

No-one can deny that the glorious Golden Arches of McDonald’s represent a phenomenal success story. McDonald’s was only established in 1955 and now serves 60 million customers daily and boasts whopping annual revenues of US$25 billion.

Ray’s philosophy obviously counts for something… but Rays point, of course, is all about our definition of ‘success’.

How about making a couple of nips and tucks to Ray’s quote?

“If you’re chasing the dollar that’s all you may ever get. But if you love what you do…

Not only will you enjoy deep satisfaction, you’ll probably get the dollar too.”

It even rhymes. Nice.